Open Door Ensemble

“I wish I could sing…”

So, come and learn how in the Open Door Ensemble (ODE).
No performance.
No pressure.
Nothing scary.
Just five weeks of learning about vocal technique, reading music, and choral ensemble skills.
Just a safe place to explore your singing voice with other people doing the same thing.

Did you know that singing in a choir has tremendous health and well-being benefits? Read about them here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.

No need to let us know in advance; just join us in our rehearsal space, room 010 Joseph G. Shapiro Family Hall, Hofstra University (use the orange staircase inside the main lobby to go downstairs to room 010). You can register at the door during the first class, or pre-register below.

Stay tuned for our spring 2020-21 session dates!

Anyone over 18 who identifies as…

  • a low self-confidence singer
  • a wish-to-be-singer
  • a non-singer
  • …or just someone who wants to sing better

…is welcome!

A $50 fee gives you access to five one-hour ensemble sessions. You can register at the door during the first class via Check or Credit Card, or you can pay online by clicking on your preferred payment method below:

Our doors are open to you. Take this exciting opportunity to enrich your musical life.  We look forward to seeing you!

I am tickled pink by what I have learned and my desire to continue to learn about singing! I so look forward to participating again in the future. What a comfortable environment to put yourself in when you wanted to sing your whole life and you’ve been slightly insecure about doing so!
- 2016-17 ODE Participant

Although singing has always made me happy, I was a closet singer, never letting anyone hear my voice. Then I learned about the Open Door Ensemble and I decided to give myself the chance to actually learn how to improve my skills. Working with Doreen was fantastic; I learned so much about technique. By the end of the first session, I already heard improvements in my singing voice. I am pleased to report that I am more confident singing in public, and I do! ODE was a wonderful experience!
- Elizabeth Galarza, 2016-17 ODE Participant

Any questions?  Contact [email protected]

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