Join us for "All Shall Be Well" May 20 & 21

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Who we are

The eVoco Voice Collective* is an award winning collection of singers of the highest musical, technical, and expressive abilities whose shared mission is to invite listeners into the extraordinary experience of singing, together. We are passionate advocates for excellence in the choral & vocal art, presenting evocative concerts and recitals of the highest caliber, summoning the power of the empathetic imagination to remind us of our shared human experiences.

*From the Latin evocare [ex- (“out”)  vocare (“to call”)]: to lure, to summon, to evoke

Our Concerts

Imaginative journeys-in-sound, Passionate marriages of poetry & music

What we Believe

We firmly believe in the transformative power of music, for both the performer and the audience member, whether we are in the concert hall or in the rehearsal room. And we find true joy in our work together each week–we think it would be a shame if we didn’t invite you, too. We believe our weekly work together not only prepares us for each concert series, but also–and just as importantly–serves as a continual learning space for not only ourselves, but also other educators, students, and music enthusiasts alike. That’s why all of our rehearsal are open to the public. Don’t be shy–join us.

The Voices

Our singers are skilled musicians from all across Long Island, and share a passion for singing, together

What our Audience is saying

“Such a moving concert–a diverse program spanning the centuries, with a high level of choral singing. It was a wonderful night!”

“Beautiful music with beautiful voices. Thank you! I have never quite heard such perfection.”

“Incredible rep!! Not too long, not too short–just a perfect amount of music! Very challenging and inspiring to listen to!”

“A challenging program, executed with sincere emotion and expressive singing–I am looking forward to hearing many more concerts with this group!”

The Conductor

David Fryling has been a conductor, clinician, and adjudicator of professional, community, collegiate, and high school choirs for just under 20 years–but he counts this endeavor as one of his most rewarding

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